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OrientationControl makes your GUI, Input and Cameras work at any orientation and any resolution! Simply select all device orientations you want to support and the game will softly rotate towards the new orientation when you turn the device.

Detect retina-displays and load different sets of assets for normal and retina resolution. OrientationControl provides a way to use the same code for both resolutions - no double-coding needed! All scripts are provided in JS and C#.
Can't Unity do this by itself now? Yes! But not as nice! It is important for you to understand the advantages of each solution:
  • Unity's autorotation changes the rotation of the canvas, but it's not as nice-looking.
  • OrientationControl only changes the rotation of the GUI and the Cameras and smooths screenWidth and screenHeight values while rotating. This will allow you to create super-smooth transitions (Downside: The device orientation will never actually change and thus system-related notifications will still show up in the actual orientation!)
VIDEO: Watch our short video overview
BUY for $20
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