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Dynamic Circles BUY for $5
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  • Filled circles, circle segments of any width, with or without caps
  • Dynamically created meshes
  • Create and change all values on the fly: width, number of segments, start- and end-angle, and more
  • Meshes are automatically recreated whenever necessary

  • Unity 4+
  • All Platforms
Create and animate dynamic circle meshes! Being able to change the number of elements, all radii and angles on the fly makes this an ideal choice for progress circles and simple visual effects. - The meshes are only regenerated when something actually changed!

Works on all platforms, scripts are written in C# - put the scripts into the Standard Assets folder to dynamically access them from UnityScript!

Have a look at the included demo-scene below, or check out dynamic circles in our game NEW ORBIT
BUY for $5
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