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BatchProcessor BUY for $35
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Automate the boring stuff!

  • Saves you so much time!
  • Find GameObjects and change values
  • Assign Values
  • Assign Intervals
  • Add/Remove Components
  • Add Prefabs
  • Arrange Objects in a circle, line, etc.
  • Much more to come!
  • Easy to create your own custom Processors!
BatchProcessor will do all the tedious tasks for you from now on, so you can focus on the important things!

Easily automate assigning and changing values, renaming objects, adding and removing components, positioning elements, and much much more!

And the best part is that BatchProcessor works with a lot of stuff! Through the magic of Reflection BatchProcessor even works with your custom scripts! And did we mention it's highly customizable? Even comes with a menu option that creates a template processor for you to customize. If you miss anything - write us a mail! We're only getting started!
BUY for $35
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