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News and Stats BUY for $20
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Ingame-News for your players and Usage Stats for you!

  • Dynamic News for your players (You can even send along links that they can click on!)
  • Usage statistics for you: Unique devices, playsessions per day

  • Unity project and full PHP/MySQL sourcecode included!
  • Full Control for you - Runs on your own server!
Manage and create news-items on a web-interface, use the unity package to retrieve and display them in your game and view stats about the total number of unique devices, the number of playsessions and how many new devices play your game each day!

Have a look at the Documentation!

Note: All of this runs on your server, which is good because you have full control over all the data, but it also means you need a webhost/server that supports PHP/MySQL for it to work. (Instructions included)
BUY for $20
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